As a seasoned television producer, reporter, and game show host (yes, I swear, I was that, too!), and as well as a well-traveled public speaker and motivator, I am the voice that your attendees will talk about for weeks to come.

Using the basis of wounded and healed masculine and feminine energies, I will encourage your audience to take their voices back in a way that allows them to lead in life like they never have before. I often say that the discovery of the wounded masculine and feminine energies is a true game changer. Once we learn where we’re suffering, we can make immediate shifts and walk through life differently. How we function at our jobs will change. How we show up in friendships and romantic relationships will change. And how we do life will change.

Attendees will leave understanding that life is so much more than just existing. We have choices in every second – choices that can put us on a path to change in the most magical way. And this is no BS. I have lived this experience and am so exited to speak on it.

So let’s encourage your attendees to take their voices back, live in their healed energies, and lead in a way that can genuinely and positively change the lives around them.

Choose from three already designed talks, or reach out to discuss a tailored talk for your audience:
1) Leading With Healed Energy (to get better results)
2) How to Overcome Toxic Corporate Culture
3) How Your Wounded Masculine is Killing You