What is “Take Your Voice Back?” Hi. I’m Joleene DesRosiers. And I created Take Your Voice Back, a powerful, transformational coaching and speaking experience, for wounded women who want to take their voice back, ditch the people pleaser in themselves, and experience powerful, yet gentle feminine energy. I also work with highly determined women who struggle to make money in their own coaching businessesand/ or struggle to find partners that can lead in romantic relationships. (Cuz, you know, you’re planning the dates, doing the work, initiating in bed, etc.)

Why “Take Your Voice Back?” After running a successful coaching and speaking business over a decade ago, I burned out. I’m talking to the point where I fell to my knees and didn’t work for 10 months straight. I now understand it was because I was operating in my wounded masculine energy. I compromised client relationships, potential opportunities, and even my own marriage. Ego was at play. Control was at play. The result was the loss of my spiritual, emotional, and mental capacity. Any money I was earning didn’t feel good. I was using my voice and my heart from a space of deep wounding. By choosing to Take Your Voice Back and anchor it in a more powerful and respected feminine energy, you’re business and/or relationships can change in a matter of months.

What do you mean by wounded masculine or feminine energy? Within every single one of us exists these energies. They are non-gender specific. By discovering which energy within you is suffering (or wounded) , we can pinpoint the true reason why you’re struggling in business and relationships. For some, the struggle is asking for your worth. For others, it’s leading with unhealthy ego. Part of the work we do together will identify which energy is wounded, what you need to do to heal it, and how it can help you uplevel your business financially, spiritually, and emotionally. You’ll also see your personal relationships change, which is a beautiful bonus. Romantic partners will begin to see you in a different light, and you’ll fall naturally into your feminine energy with ease and grace.

From an individual perspective: You no longer want to say yes when you mean no. You no longer want to stay in places or with people who drain you. And you no longer choose to engage with people who don’t have your best interests in mind. Instead you want to find and pull up and out the power that has always been within you – so that you can live life with absolute confidence and with as little fear as possible. You can absolutely shed the things that are holding you back. If you’re ready to do things differently and walk away from the chaos, visit my contact page to drop me an email and let’s chat.

From a business perspective: I personally functioned in my first coaching practice from a space of wounded masculine (many “go-getter” women do), and ran myself into the ground. I was still selling coaching packages but it felt icky. More than this, I was suffering spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I was exhausted, which is what happens when we force outcomes and attempt to control all facets of our business. Today I operate from a healed masculine and soft feminine energy, and lead my clients into the same space. You will no longer push to find clients or speaking gigs. Everything will happen with ease and flow, and you’ll have more abundance than you ever thought possible. If you’d like to experience this, let’s have a chat. You have nothing to lose but the wounded self that’s holding you back.

From a relationship perspective: I no longer pursue. I no longer lead. I no longer force outcomes in relationships or hang on to expectations that kill me. Instead, I let the man in my life lead me so that I can be the very best version of myself. That doesn’t mean I let anyone tell me what to do or how to do it; it simply means I let go of absolute control so that I can create and love from a truly feminine space. This shift has been a game changer in my relationships. No longer do I attract needy, uncertain men. Instead, I have a partner that is confident, true to his word, an incredible, confident lover, and one who wants to take care of me so that I can be the soft, loving, sexual version of me that I so deserve to be. Weather you are single or partnered, if you crave a truly healthy relationship, you may be functioning from a wounded energetic space. When I say your life with literally change when you can identify which energy within you is wounded (and then healed), you will never step into another day angry or triggered by your partner. Call me and let’s chat. This is where it all begins.

I was blown away by the tools Joleene offered me. She’s the real deal. Not only did my business start growing, my personal freedom was reinstated and I learned how to run my business with ease and flow. – C. Britton

I was functioning from my wounded masculine in my marriage. I called all the shots and made sure everything went my way, which made me angry. I didn’t need anger management, I needed to allow myself to experience my true, feminine essence. – H. Carley.

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