When you find your voice,
that’s when everything changes.

About Joleene

Hi. I’m Joleene DesRosiers, a spirited speaker, teacher, and content creator. The first time I took to the stage in front of a group and saw the eagerness of the crowd and their desire to take back their lives, I was hooked. They wanted their voices back. THEY WANTED EASE. They wanted to live softly, yet with great love and abundance. Thanks to a series of mistakes and falling down, I found my own voice within my soft, feminine energy. And now I’m here to teach others how to do the same by ditching the wounded, controlling masculine and leading with a strong, yet soft feminine power.

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Conversations in Bed with Joleene DesRosiers and Ken Case is the most fun you’ll have discovering more about the masculine and feminine energies and how they serve you at work, in life, and in relationships. Recorded from their bed with coffee in hand, this powerhouse couple puts the work in every day to create a healthy, loving relationship together. Their stories, guests, and tips will move you to a space to help create more powerful familial relationships, romantic relationships, and genuine friendships.


Put me on a stage or in your room if you want to transform leaders and listeners in a way that encourages compassionate leadership, elicits genuine change, and ignites inspiration. I offer three dynamic talks that will have attendees buzzing for days.
1) Leading With Healed Energy (to get better results)
2) How to Overcome Toxic Corporate Culture
3) How Your Wounded Masculine is Killing You


COMING SOON! From virtual workshops to small, in person retreats, Joleene leads with experience, compassion, and actionable input that will allow you to begin transforming your business or personal life immediately. Keep your eyes peeled for personal relationship workshops with Joleene DesRosiers and Ken Case. This fun and engaging couple share their lived experience of diving into healing their feminine and masculine energies to create a genuinely passionate and loving relationship like no other they’ve ever had. Healthy love is possible. It truly, truly, is.

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